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As machines age, the technology that those machines came with is stuck in that generation. These components can become very expensive or impossible to replace.

We are able to breath new life into machines, by upgrading key areas of the machine. Although some machines may need a complete rebuild, many others require small upgrades keep them running safely and at the performance you require.

If re-building your machine is not an option, let us find a machine able to be customized to your exact needs. This is also an excellent option compared to the cost, time and frustration involved with purchasing a new machine.

IMS uses 20 years of hands on slitter / rewinder process knowledge to ensure the systems below are designed for your specific machine. 
Experience with automation is not enough, understanding the process is essential
Microprocessor / black box to PLC conversion

Differential shaft control systems
Automatic stop to footage / diameter
Differential shaft control systems
Rider roll relieving system
Automatic stop to footage / diameter
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